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Let's Go Boating Massachusetts has been created in an effort to promote boating in Massachusetts. The goal is to share valuable resources with boaters in an effort to highlight destination locations around the state while at the same time providing helpful information to boaters to keep you safe on the water. You will find information below that will assist in helping make your time on your boat and on the water as enjoyable as possible. Information below will include registration and titling your boat, links related to safe boating, weather, rules, boating videos and tips and more.


Job/Career & Educational Opportunities within the Recreational Boating Industry in Massachusetts



Helpful Links:

First-Time Boat Owner's Checklist | Discover Boating - Click Here

Boating Safety Tips for 2021 | Discover Boating  - Click Here

Boat Registration | Mass.gov  -  Click Here

Sales and Use Tax on Boats | Mass.gov  - Click Here

Boat Registration FAQs | Mass.gov - Click Here

*Common mistakes made with boat registration in MA include: ST6 is missing, Original Manufacturers statement of origin MSO not included (New boat purchases from a dealer or online), fees are incorrect

Find Places to Fish and Boat Near You | (takemefishing.org) - Click Here

Massachusetts Boating Law Summary | Mass.gov - Click Here

Take a Boating Safety Course | Mass.gov - Click Here

Boating Quick-Start Guide [Boating for Beginners]  |  BoatUS - YouTube - Click Here


Other Links:

Coastal Waters Forecast

Tide Chart & Massachusetts Marine Trades Association Website

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