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As a member of the MMTA, you will be entitled to:

  • Legislative and regulatory education and advocacy on marine industry issues
  • A consultation with association legal counsel (valued at more than the membership cost)
  • Full members-only complimentary job postings on our new website - http://www.massboatingcareers.com
  • Membership listings by location and by business type at heavily trafficked www.boatma.com
  • Discount rate banner advertisements
  • Marine industry conferences, educational/training & networking events
  • Members-only E-News briefs packed with current industry, regulatory and legislative insights and updates
  • Distribution of your news through our E-News outlet (non-sales ads)
  • Your voice heard to improve the present and future of the Massachusetts recreational marine trades!
  • Key communication from national and regional associations
  • Advisement on and assistance with press communication and outreach

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Learn More About How to Join and Select Your Level of Membership:

Full Membership

A. Current members of MMTA - Grandfathered only to current individual or representative

B. Future applications who: (1) Are residents of Massachusetts and derive 50% or more income from the marine trades; or (2) Any other category deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

Associate Membership:

A. Press or Finance Company - Less than 50% of their time spent on marine activities.

B. Lawyers, Accountants, Insurance Agents and any other category deemed pertinent to the Board of Directors, where only a small part of their business is derived from the marine trades.

C. Any other category deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

D. Out of state dealers joining for special purposes.

Associate Members rights:

A. Non-voting or office holding

B. May not sponsor new member except through a full member

C. Allowed all other privileges of membership including general meeting, boat shows, seminars, legislative support and the marine trade newsletter.

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Annual Dues

Full Membership: $350.00

Associate Membership: $350.00

MMTA Member Sponsorship

The by-laws of the MMTA require that all applications for membership be presented to the Board of Directors by a current member of the MMTA. Please do not send your application without speaking with a MMTA member and obtaining a sponsorship commitment. Use the MMTA web site Member Listing By Location to find members close to your place of business.

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